Required current contributed CRAN packages:

I am running GRASS 8.2.0 and R 4.2.1, with recent update.packages(). Please install a recent GRASS and a recent R before reaching Florence. The CRAN contributed packages used are:

needed <- c("rgrass", "XML", "raster", "stars", "abind", "sp", "sf", "terra")

and may be installed when online using this code (you will be asked which repository to access):

inst <- match(needed, .packages(all=TRUE))
need <- which(
if (length(need) > 0) install.packages(needed[need])


Script and data at Download to suitable location, unzip and use as basis.

Testing installation

Download and unzip the data and scripts, and, after editing the string containing the GRASS installation GISBASE, try to run:

source("modernizing_220822.R", echo=TRUE)

FOSS foundations and barn-raising

Both R and GRASS are FOSS. Both build on FOSS foundations, GRASS directly and R through contributed packages that the user may choose to install in R libraries.